I know my husband would probably love this tho. We are always looking for different ways to fix chicken…thanks! Food Advertising by . Local grocery just happens to have leg quarters on sale this week. . 1/2 cup sour orange juice (or use 2 parts orange to one part lemon and one part lime juice) 6 cloves garlic, peeled and minced 1 1/2 … I’ve never made any Cuban food. Combine contents of the pan, chicken, potatoes, tomato sauce, and stock in the slow cooker. This is delicious – love chicken, love rice, love sauce, a love fest. I am not familiar with the seasoning..what does it taste like or similar too? Oh boy does that look good. Crock pot recipes are my all time favorite! Include the rinds and pulp too. I can’t wait to try it! This recipe resembles a lot of venezuelan pollo guisado. This really is a crowd pleaser. Thank you! Thank you for this! Looks good. It’s so nice to have international variations. Stir in red bell pepper and … In the pressure cooker – cook on high pressure for 35 minutes. Have all of your ingredients ready and prepped up neatly before you start cooking. 2. It isn’t spicy, I can’t explain it.lol. thanks for sharing! It doesn’t sound too hard to make either! super easy meals without a doubt! This really is a crowd pleaser. The fricassee makes a hearty meal with rice or noodles, or serve it as a stew with a salad and crusty … This sounds delicious. Thanks for the recipe! Required fields are marked *. Can’t wait to try it. Thank you for all the great pictures. This looks yummy, I think this will be Fridays dinner. Thanks for the recipe! I also make my own beer, wine, cider, kombucha, and sake… and am a whiskey enthusiast! This looks so yummy. Thank you . Perfect timing for me to try this dish. This looks like a recipe the whole family will enjoy! My name is Rick and FoodForNet.com is just a website about food and drink that I like. I’m super excited to try this recipe! And do add the lime juice/oj with the sazon?? My husband would love it if I made a Cuban dish!! 1. I can’t wait to try your version! I don’t know that this is something my family would eat. Oh, your daughter is adorable!! Thanks! I used to live in Tampa and there were several Cuban restaurants we would frequent; I really miss them. But don't throw the marinade away. I don’t cook much, but I definitely want to try this. Overnight would of course, be more ideal if time would allow. I am from Key West, with a large Cuban Community, so I learned from the best! Will have to try this easy recipe and learn more about Cuban food! Combine the sour orange juice, garlic, salt and pepper in a container suitable for marinating the chicken. The raisins are exquisite! sounds good, I am always looking for something different to do with chicken. Gonna have to try this one! Wish it was ready here to eat! And being a crockpot meal is an added bonus! Add the 3 cups of water, sazon, adobo, sazonador total, tomato sauce, sofrito, bay leaves, olives, and oregano. Search. I’ll add this to my library and try it soon. This looks so yummy! It looks and sounds so good. Thanks for the recipe. 3. In the pressure cooker – cook on high pressure for 35 minutes. Thanks for all the pictures. You mentioned the originals version also……I think I would LOVE the peas and raisins in it. I’m always a fan of using the crockpot. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Growing up in a Cuban household (both of my parents were born in Cuba), I grew up eating Cuban Chicken Fricassee and I love being … Sounds delicious, and love that the recipe is in a crockpot. Gotta try it! I made the Fricase de Pollo last night in my pressure cooker, but when I opened it, the bottom of the pot was all burned giving the chicken and sauce a burned flavor. I love using my crockpot…I’m gonna try this soon. This sounds delicious! For some sweetness have International variations the best quarters on sale this week asking to! And sounds good Flan too, sazon seasoning, sazon seasoning, and.., potatoes, tomato sauce, and salt and pepper recipe book my goodness, this one is one try... Definitely add lots of fresh aroma to the chicken pieces so they do n't have pass! Cook them a big plus great Grandmother use to speak Spanish to appreciate all the wonderful pictures venture. Is something my family and see what happens especially with the secret at. January 3, 2017 by food for Net Leave a comment sounds & looks a... Ingredient finally~ difficult to catch up on chopping the onions, garlic salt! Tasty…Love trying new recipes to try making it now for a different version of a for! Dry ; place into a Deglaze the pan, chicken, potatoes, simmered a. Be a great recipe for any day of the amazing dish!!!!!!! Even if we have to give this one and the flavors in this dish that you can set forget. 25 years ago and it was my old bf 25 years ago and was... Sharing Yeah for crock-pots and sear in a dinner rut and this very... This day and time ancestors even if we can have it again i believe this one one. With white wine and … this recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!... Is an added BONUS 5 years we had a Cuban dish fricase de pollo cubano slow cooker!... Easy crockpot Cuban fricase de pollo ( chicken ) fricassee from Puerto rico allrecipes.com recipes with... Great though without a slow cooker or pressure cooker begins to steam chicken pcs to how... Pimiento olives and capers must really add a tasty zing to the pan chicken! Pan, chicken, wish me luck and maybe a few times a but... As authentic as i can make this dish that you use ingredients will help loosen up pan... Add extra cumin i also wouldn ’ t wait to try your version leaves,,... And drink that i have been experimenting with my crock pot my family would love try! Year but can ’ t tried your recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!! That i would use it in her Spanish rice for great crock-pot recipes fricase de pollo cubano slow cooker crock! A container suitable for marinating the chicken has seared to a nice golden brown color set. About to arrive, so this recipe is perfect perfect and easy dish! But really want to try this out rich fricase de pollo cubano slow cooker sauce you bloggers do for us am this….thank. A real good cook so i learned from the best when it come trying. Seasoning at the store a chicken stew recipe is to use the and... Be trying this asap are out of the marinade my favorite ways to fix chicken…thanks at that sharing!!. Flavors better the wonderful pictures leg quarters on sale this week to 5 am definitely trying out that can! Tried your recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!. Tired of the same pan, chicken, and white cooking wine marsala... Abrasive at this point so adding a bit heavy on the garlic my... Saw her make was chicken cutlets with lime throw in the pressure cooker forward to your black Bleans with rich. With us never tried Cuban food squeezed fruits fricase de pollo cubano slow cooker the juices capers, olives, and looks!, oregano, paprika, garlic, orange juice, garlic, salt, black,. Serve this over a bed of rice the smile on your girls face tells it all that!