You will be coming to (enter) it. This should increase your resolve to crack UPSC… be a part of that system and then change the system…. I do not know how to tell you all that agniveer and his team is making fool of Hindus. Very clearly Soma refers to the Supreme Lord – the Ishwar or God. To see Him everywhere and guide oneself solely by His inspiration is Soma intoxication. Finding the right alcohol rehab in Las Vegas can be tricky. 6. ha ha ha. (atlest maharashtrians are fighters). Led by Mufti Abdul Hannan, HUJI-B has open, unequivocal links with Osama bin Ladin. Its a fact that drives us to put our best efforts to spread the culture of Soma consumption across the world. For those engaged in study, like students and college, alcohol can weaken one’s concentration and ability to learn. Inpatient Treatment Options . The Federal Sharia Court (FSC) also maintains this view and says, “The penalty for contempt of the Holy Prophet… is death”. The person with luxurious living who are unable to search or use them them should resort to other methods of Rasayana which are described hereunder. The secular opposition Awami League (AL) is a primary target of Islamic extremists. Siddarth, ALSO IT IS WE HINDUS WHO ACTUALLY MADE THE TRUE CONTRIBUTIIONS TO SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IN THE ANCIENT TIMES ARABS ACTUALLY COPIED FROM US…………, ALSO, MUSLIMS ARGUE THAT ALGEBRA IS DERIVED FROM THE WORD “AL-JABR” INVENTED BY Muhammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī BUT THER TENT TO FORGET THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WHICH I HAVE GIVEN HERE: “While the word algebra comes from the Arabic language (al-jabr, الجبر literally, restoration) and much of its methods from Arabic/Islamic mathematics, its roots can be traced to earlier traditions, most notably ancient Indian mathematics, which had a direct influence on Muhammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī (c. 780–850). You are allowed to drink alcohol on the Vegas Strip, and you can walk around with it as well. thus Indra/Mithra is a representation of FORCE that extract the knowledge of the supreme. – The famous temple of Gujarat (that was plundered by a butcher called Mahmud Ghazni) is called Somnath. They are nineteen keepers of Hell as God says: “Soon I will cast him into Hell Fire. (Rigveda 9.101.13). So enjoy your friends doing what they know best , Its Location There is no exact mention from the Quran or the sayings of Prophet Muhammad which pinpoint the location of Hell. maruts symbolises the force by which these “foes” are defeated(in other words, maruts represents the force by which the mind is freed from thoughts that disturbs it)and after that is done, indra reveals the knowledge of the one beyond.thus indra symbolises the revelation of knowledge from the abyss of our mind. I think you are also educated enough you should also support to agniveer. We have reasons to believe that they are not authentic. It is a living force that enhances intellect. After all, a hungry dog sees only meat in every body! The Shahadah, which is the basic foundation of Islam, contains six oaths or kalemas, and the first kalema, namely kalema Taib, is most important. So as you lose semen , you lose life . © Agniveer - Vedic Dharma, honest history, genuine human rights, impactful life hacks, honest social change, fight against terror, and sincere humanism. Possessing more than 1 oz. The Vedic hyms are veiled, unveiled & filled with intrigue. Vedas offered the first words that depicted root essence. Thus while Soma produces intoxication, this intoxication actually strengthens our intellect and reduces dumbness. August 17, 2005: JMB militants set off nearly 500 small bombs across Bangladesh that killed two people and injured 100 others. Slightest doubt in it will make even a devout Muslim “an apostate” at once, who is to be killed. He was the perfect man ever. The JMB/JMJB leadership suffered a significant setback when Bangladeshi authorities arrested Ghalib in February 2005 and Rahman and Bhai in March 2006. In October 2003, a JEI leader in Jessore, Maulana Aminur Rahman, led a mob attack in which a local Ahmadiyya leader was killed. Seems like u know the gutter environment pretty well. ऋग्वेद ८/४८/३ इस कथन की पुष्टि करते हुए कहता हैं – हमने सोमपान कर लिया हैं, हम अमृत हो गए हैं, हमने ज्योति को प्राप्त कर लिया हैं, विविध दिव्यताओं को हमने अधिगत कर लिया हैं. Those who have problems with our replies should condemn Mahmood first as he started all this]. And then Soma travels to the Abode of God’s heavens. इस प्रकार वेद मन्त्रों से यह सिद्ध होता हैं की सोमरस कोई मादक पद्यार्थ नहीं हैं . Pervading with thy natural powers thou flowest on, and as the whole world’s Lord, O Soma, thou art King. Brothers please watch this debate.Live Debate of Great Arya Samaji Scholar Dr Harish Chandra and Quranic Scholar in Calcultta.We never said no to any challenge of Arya Samaj and agniveer is propogating wrong information.We accepted challenge.This person was not able to answer when one women asked question about vedas see what kind of scolars these cowards are. Even simple statement of facts of his life, which may unmask his true color, must also be treated as blasphemy. “I admit it was an editorial misjudgement but it was never intentional,” Kumar told the BBC. You have read vedas and it shows. As Mohamad did. The opposition Awami League, and other secular forces in Bangladesh, continue to criticize the government for not taking a strong stance against Islamic terror directed at AL and secular forces. However the core essence is that Soma refers to something that produces happiness, peace, relaxation and enthusiasm. ” The Vedas give information on various subjects. Clubs und Poolparty sind dagegen teuer, allerdings bist du hier auch in Vegas, gell? After logging in you can close it and return to this page. By Article 33, it is the several sections of Pakistan’s Criminal Code comprise its blasphemy laws. YOU SHAMELESS IDIOT, YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE VEDAS, IF YOU KNOW, THEN DEBATE (ALONG WITH YOUR ZAKIR NAAAAAAAAIK DOG) WITH US AND ARYA SAMAJIS…….. DONT PLAY A BAFOON HERE…….. AND FOR YOU , I RECITE THIS VERSE FORM KORAN: “Soon will I cast him into Saqar (the Hellfire). And the worst part is they quote the same Ain-e-Akbari by Abul Fazl to quote Akbar as great. What’s key is that in the Vedas,while Soma has attributes like that of an intoxicating drink, it is about the eternal, blissful,self realizing forces. Agniveer: This is most stupid argument. It is nice to know that the word “Saumya” is derivative of the word “Soma” Hundreds of modern Hindu girls have lovingly sport their name as “Sowmya ‘ in Karnataka and the meaning given to the word by you is totally correct. This kalema is considered the “soul” of Islam. Some agitators later took shelter in a nearby mosque and threw stones, empty bottles and shoes targeting policemen.” On February 8, more than 20 people, including four policemen, were injured in a clash that broke out when police tried to clear Lenin Sarani. If Vedas do not talk of alcohol or intoxication, why do we have words like Soma, Mada, Madhu in Vedas that relate to intoxication. Don’t we have similar examples in other languages? There are many Muslims that believe in astrology in South India, while many do not enter temples they ask friends to do pujas in some famous temples on their behalf etc etc. Shiv samhita also stands by preservation of semen to win over death or moksha . Pakistan’s ‘Blasphemy Law’ & Its Cruelties Sunday, 27 March 2011 04:49 Dr. Radhasyam Brahmachari E-mail Print PDF. Bhagvad gita is available on Youtube if you tyoe shri krishna gita part 4 and ramayana is available on various internet sites.